Vacuum Pumps and Applications of Vacuum Engineering

Using vacuums is said to rank as one of the interface technologies. Vacuums are basically used in the industry and commerce for drying, packaging, pick-and-place, and suction. Several process engineering operations, which are carried out in the vacuum since low pressure is an advantage on the temperature-sensitive products.

But first, you need to make the vacuum and it’s where vacuum pumps come in. Nevertheless, it is worth clearing up some key questions at the outset. Answering such questions needs a variety of solutions. Performance capability and rapidity, quality, and speed of the processes are determined by the used sources in making the vacuum in which the vacuum is controlled and created. This is good news for the manufacturers providing the broadest product range.

The most crucial aspect of applications for vacuum engineering is in semiconductor industry that accounts for around 40% share. The chip manufacturers work in high range of between 10-7 and 10-3 mbar. It’s only in this atmosphere that 100% circuits can be manufactured during the doping. Among the new users, mention may be manufactured of solar section with hunger for the wafers as the material of carrier in module production. The sector for the surface finishes and coatings has enjoyed a particular percent of the vacuum technology market.

Vacuum Pumps in Biofuel Production

An interesting aspect of application for the vacuum pumps is in the biofuel production. It’s true of both second and first generation biofuels. According to experts, vacuum equipment may supply full starting material for the second and first generation for ethanol purification and methanol recovery. This includes traditional ring pump technology as well as dry running pumps from the range of CDX for generating biofuels. There are some considerable advantages to utilizing CDX range, which is designed for biofuel industry. Some of these benefits are require less space, no water consumption, and low energy consumption.

Chemical Vacuum Pumps Made for Some Heavy Applications

Chemical vacuum pumps’ NT series sets new standards in performance, silence of operation, design, and ease of servicing. They also achieve reliability and robustness of the predecessor model even in the demanding applications in pharmaceuticals and chemicals industries. The range is basically rounded off with the vacuum systems as well as the chemical pumps stand with an electric vacuum control through the use of CVC 3000 vacuum controller.

Dry Running Vacuum Pumps

The dry running vacuum pumps for medium and rough vacuum range play an essential role in the industry, laboratory work, and research. In such areas, dry running vacuum pumps are utilized. has a variety of vacuum pumps with range of types that are made to provide a solution that is optimized when it comes to final pressure and suction capacity while being economical as well. These vacuum pumps are available in several material finishes for physical and chemical processes with non-regulated or regulated under-pressure with a suction capacity of 0.3-16 m3/h and the final pressures are from 75- less than 1 mbar.