Why Industrial Electrician Is Better Than Residential Electrician

Electrician testing a current in with instrument of measurement in electrical room. Focus on equipment.

Regardless of what kind of business you own, even an industrial CNC company. finding a licensed industrial electrician is highly important since it can help you boost the productivity of your business. However, always keep in mind that we, industrial electricians, specialize in handling electrical systems in commercial establishments as well as big corporate buildings.

Residential Electricians Vs. Industrial Electricians

There’s a big difference between residential electricians and industrial electricians. The former focuses mainly on home’s electrical systems, while the latter concentrates on more complex electrical systems, which are often found in big structures and in some events.

So, if there’s an electrical task that needs to be done in big companies, I would say to call the right type of electrician. If the task is relatively simple, which is the case in most homes, the right person for it would be a residential electrician. For bigger and more intricate projects, on the other hand, the right electrician for the job is a commercial electrician.

How Much Does An Industrial Electrician Earn?

When it comes to paying, an industrial electrician salary is bigger compared to that of residential electricians. Handling bigger and advanced electrical systems is no joke. If we have to deal with such electrical systems, we need to have the skills and experience in order to make them work properly.

How To Become An Industrial Electrician?

Speaking of skills and experience, anyone who wishes to become a professional commercial electrician must first undergo industrial electrician training. They need to learn everything they can in order to perform their tasks safely and professionally.

To start the training, they must be a high school graduate. Familiarity with basic electrical concepts is a bonus. During the apprenticeship program, they will spend some time in the classroom to get the basic ideas on different electrical systems. Of course, while knowledge is not enough, they will also apply what they know by means of hands-on activities. They will also have their on-job training to further develop their skills and gain new insights on the job.

Once they have passed all the required subjects in the course, they will graduate and earn a diploma. However, in order to become a licensed industrial electrician, they must take an examination to assess their skills. Once they passed this exam, they are given license to operate, either as an independent contractor or corporate electrician.

Opportunities For Industrial Electricians

Remember that the industrial electrician job description is to work on advanced electrical systems. It may either be for business establishments, events, or infrastructures. They can still work on home electrical systems, but they’re more on the bigger ones.

As mentioned before, industrial electricians may work as an independent contractor or as a hired corporate electrician. They may also put up their own business and hire other electricians. They only need to apply for a business permit in order to operate.

On the other hand, if they prefer to work as a company electrician, they just need to submit an industrial electrician resume and undergo a few processes before being hired by the company. If you wish to become a licensed electrician today, find a school that offers electrical courses and start training as one today.

Industrial Factory Work

Try not to worry too much if you’ve been out and about searching high and low for a job and can’t find one. There are a lot of people in your exact same situation and you’re all competing with each other. Whether it’s applying for wire duct sales jobs or working at a fast-food restaurant, there are only so many jobs to go around. The job market is small but you have to keep trying. You just can’t give up. No matter how much experience you have working with strainers, the jobs you are applying for might just not need someone with that type of experience. Which is maybe why you should consider expanding your job search.

Or perhaps you just never thought to yourself that a particular skill you have might be beneficial to specific employers out there. A lot of people consider something like building a canoe just a hobby. Not a skill they can put on their resume. Except a skill is exactly what it is. Not too many people out there can build a canoe out of their bare hands. However, if you’re a regular old Ran Swanson, it’s time to change course and use your skills to your advantage. There is a lot of factory work to be had that can use people who are good with their hands. From factories that deal with putting together toys to lumber factories to wheat factories that have a lot of sheaves that need bundling, there is a wide range of factories that can use hard workers with a good work ethic.

People who know how to use their hands and aren’t afraid to get dirty with them are exactly the type of people employers are looking for. Factory work isn’t the most glamorous type of job out there but it is a job nonetheless. So, if you have the knowledge to put together on-demand hot water heaters or know your way around a toolbox, factory work might be an option to consider. Just because you didn’t think it was worthwhile mentioning on your resume that you know how to put together satellite dish receivers, doesn’t mean it isn’t a skill. It’s a very important skill and one that could land you that job you’ve been looking for all this time.

Don’t be afraid to put down any information on your resume that talks about certain skills you are good at with your hands. A factory that could use someone to work their destrapping machines might just have a place for you in their plant.

The Types of Industrial Electrician Jobs

Industrial electrician jobs are in-demand in several parts of the world, particularly here in the United States. One of the two reasons I have struggled to finish my degree is that, whichever state I find myself in, I know I get to secure myself with a career that not only will support my basic needs but will also reward me with more in life. Before anything else, be familiar with the three types of jobs so you know what you’re up against. There is contractual, self-employment, and teaching.


There are tons of employment opportunities for industrial electrician job. Groups seek out men to work under their label. Anyone who has attended schools and underwent extensive training is fit to apply. The good thing about this type of job is the guarantee. You are given the assurance that you will be employed for an agreed period. So long as you have signed a contract with another party, there is no need for you to worry about not having homes and establishments to assess.


You can start a business and then get it going to keep money coming. If you prefer a career that allows you to be your own boss, be a self-employed industrial electrician then. This type is a more liberating one because, in it, it’s you who get to manage everything – your salary, how many hours you work, and the clients you take in. The beginning process is going to be challenging. Having to establish yourself in the field is required to have people come to you. It’s going to be a long while for your services to be branded reliable but once you have it taken care of, you can say that it’s all worth it.


There are a lot of openings on industrial electrician jobs. If you reside in a state like me, you won’t have to worry about not being able to afford to live on your own. If you want to take it easy, you can also begin a business and teach others to be electricians too. You can put up a school where they can acquire the necessary training in the craft.

Wherever, Whenever

Industrial jobs have openings almost everywhere so you can choose where you want to be stationed in. It doesn’t matter where you are because careers in the field are offered all over the country. There are even industrial electrician jobs in Florida. So long as you have a license, it won’t be hard for you to be secured with a career. Either you work for companies or on your own terms, you can get something going any place in the nation.

Because there are plenty of industrial electrician apprentice jobs out there, it means that having to attend institutions and having to undergo training is going to be worth it. There is no reason for you to be bothered that you won’t earn enough if you take up the courses. With this sort of job, you are looking at a bright future.